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As we are winding down our 2002 year season, we will have only one final practice on Tuesday, November 12 th at 4:30-5:15.  It looks as though this Friday would be rained out anyways!  I just hope that the fields will be in good shape for our Saturday game.

Other Fireworks End of the Year Events to put on your calendar:

  • November 9th game against B816 at 9:00 am, rain permitting
  • November 12th, last practice
  • November 16th last game against B802 at 8:00 am
  • November 16th, afternoon I can pick up the soccer pictures
  • November 17th, 5-7 pm Round Table Pizza, Colorado Ave, Midtown, Palo Alto (thanks to Marsha and Louise for organizing)

Thank you everyone for, making the flags, banners, organizing and bringing snacks, communicating, refereeing, helping out at practice, and bringing and encouraging you children at the practices and games.  Its been a great pleasure getting to know all the kids and watching them become better players and an excellent team.

Fireworks photo's and more are one the web (thank you Kathryn) @

See you at the last events!

Hi Everyone,

It's time to begin thinking about our end of season soccer party . I have
two options:

Option 1:

Marsha Deslauriers (Ryan's mom) booked the Round Table Pizza on Colorado for
Sunday, November 17th from 5 - 7PM

The cost would be $27.50 per player. This includes pizza, soda (for the
families $20.00) and trophy($7.50)
.[Looks like we're doing this!, Chris]

Option 2

Doughnuts, bagels, hot chocolate, OJ and coffee after the game on Saturday,
November 16th at around 9am at Addison on the picnic tables.

The cost would be $11.50 per player and would also include the trophy.
We're assuming someone can bring coffee and OJ. I'll supply paper products
and hot chocolate.

If someone has another idea, please email the group.

Please email back your preference by Friday, November 8th.

Thank you.

/Louise Valente (Marco's mom)