A.Y.S.O. Soccer

For more information about the A.Y.S.O. Program in Palo Alto see the Region 26 Home Page. 

update 9/6/02
Thank you very much Katheryn.   We have a new web page!  Please update your bookmark: http://adrian_durso.home.mindspring.com/

update 8/30/02
B805 been assigned Henry Seale Park, 3100 Stockton Avenue, near Lewis and Colorado, mapquest map .

update 8/28/02:
edited 8/29

David Znidarsic and I have been assigned B805, a team that was to practice on Tuesdays and Fridays at Ohlone School.  Due to the condition of the field we will have to find another location for at least the early part of the season.  

I will not publish the roster on my internet site for the safety of the children.  I intend to publish pictures and other information on this public site, so please let me know if you have any concerns about this.  The current roster has four players from last years Lightning Bolts team with an additional six players.

Tentatively, out first practice will be on Tuesday, September 3 from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM.  The last 10 minutes (  6:50 PM ) will be reserved for a team meeting.  Parents are requested to attend this meeting. Each child must bring water, shin guards, shorts and be warmed up and ready to begin at 6:00.  Break in any new footwear before practice, maybe wear a double layer of socks, and/or bring a pair of tennis shoes.

The A.Y.S.O. Boys Under 8 commissioner would like to know as soon as possible if assigned team members will not be joining our team.  There are children on wait lists.

Agenda for team meeting at the end of the first practice:

Dates from the A.Y.S.O.  calendar
September 3, first practice
September 6, second practice
September 7, first game
October 6, picture day
November 16, last regular game

As of the date (7/30/02):

The A.Y.S.O's fall calendar is fairly empty.  I expect more dates soon.  I have been asked to coach boys under 8 at Ohlone school on Tuesdays and Fridays with David Znidarsic.

The Fall 2001 winning( * ) Boys Under 7  team.

I would like to thank all the kids, the parents and especially the assistant coaches Xan Chamberlain and Dave Znidarsic for making this season both very fun and rewarding --Chris
The Lightning Bolts
team photo benched the coach whole team
hold up that flag snack time action gather around after game
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*"Winning" was unanimous consent or the team coaches, the team parents, and the team players. A.Y.S.O. has no official ranking of boys this age.  By my recollection we won more games than we lost and had gained lots of points for style, advancement, good sportsmanship and having a lot of fun during practice and on the playing field. :)