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Would you be interested in sharing durso.org for your web site and/or mailing address?

The company netidentity would have you pay $24.95-$100/year for an e-mail address of durso.com.  Nameplanet as of today (19 Nov 05) offers durso.net for $185.  I bid $50 if you wish to outbid me, but hey thats approximately what I paid for durso.org in 1999.  Today I see domains for as little as $2.50/yr.

Owing the name outright means that I can set up fairly unlimited e-mail, web and/or other servers on the internet. As its cheap and simple enough however I choose to use other peoples hosting equipment over buying the necessary connection onto the internet and configuring and powering the many necessary servers.  I can publish a number of web pages, sub domains and have 200 mailboxes.  Further, I can extend the mail/web forwarding service to others without additional cost and I hope little configuration.  I have done this for my immediate family and would be happy to do it for you provided that you meet the following criteria:

Caveats aside I recommend that you use this or another forwarding service for your e-mail and web content.  For years I have used my professional ACM account to forward to my current mail account.  Mail, internet service provider(ISP)s and world wide web servers for me at least seem to change annually.  You can avoid the headache of having to mail everyone with your new mailbox, collect your e-mail from a former ISP or keep track on which obsolete addresses are still forwarding your mail.

Most importantly its nice to have a good name in the first place!  chris@durso.org and http://chris.durso.org is a lot better than anythingAvailable452@yahoo.com or http://www.mindspring.com/~dursofw/.  The domain name is after all an abstraction to the internet addressing for human readability.

Links to www.durso.org directly or indirectly through this page would be appreciated, as they will increase hits through your site and as my site gets sucked up through the various robots employed by search engine companies.

If you are interested send me a note explaining who you are and what names or web addresses would like to use (e.g. yourName@durso.org, yourWebSite.durso.org).

Christopher D’Urso

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